You Can Create What You Want

· Mindset

We all have the ability to create something beautiful and worthwhile when we have a desire to do so. A disability is not a reason to think we cannot have what we have the desire to create.

Haven’t we seen people with a disability learn to paint with their teeth or toes? Haven’t we seen people walk who have no feet or legs? Haven’t seen people play the piano who have disabilities? Have we not seen miracles because people did what seemed impossible because they would not accept that they could not?

What makes you think you are less capable than these people? What makes you think that you cannot do what you have a god-given ability to do? I suppose you think you cannot do something for a good reason or your disability, when even the most unlikely have been able to accomplish the same thing? You just have to accept that you CAN do it!

It is true, You can do what your heart desires when you believe in your ability and in the ability of your creator to help you! You remember that this is true and believe it is possible.

Please watch this beautiful video about your ability to create.

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