Law of Attraction Minute- 3 words that can change your life

· Mindset

The Law of Attraction means you attract what you want to you.  There are specific things you can do that allows this law to work for you.

There is also the Law of Repelling what you want from you. This means the things you want go away from you because you do not understand the Law of Attraction.

These Laws are real and will work for you or against you if you do not understand them and how to apply them in your life.  In other words, if you are desperate or intense in what you do, if you are overly passionate or overwhelming to people you talk to, you will make people turn away from you.

If you see that people want little to do with you then it may be that you are chasing them away. Perhaps you should speak to someone you respect and ask them what you are doing to push people away when you want to attract them to you? That person is likely the one who can best help you with this problem.

I came across this great video and thought you might appreciate the message. It is the same training I received when I attended Dale Carnegie. It’s hard to change your verbiage from negative to positive when you are used to being negative.

With practice, you can change the way you talk and attract more positive things into your life and into your business.

A good exercise to do as an activity with your family, friends, or business associates is to divide them into groups of three in each.

Give each person three  3×5 cards and a pen or pencil. Ask each person to write down on one of their cards something that they feel adamant about or makes them angry.

On the next card, each writes down a negative way to respond to the situation they wrote down and with your group is to divide them into 3 or 4 in each group and then have one write a negative situation on a card. Ask one person to respond to the situation in a negative way (in writing) and the other to write down a positive resonance.

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