Let Your Spirit Soar

· Your Potential

Being free to explore our potential and improve our situation is important to us, especially for those who follow a different beat of the drum.

I read a book titled Johnathan Livingston Seagull that illustrates this message best. It is about a seagull who is different than the other birds in his flock.

Johnathan Livingston Seagull wants more than just living a mundane life. Indeed, he has a strong desire living inside him to fly faster and soar higher than any other bird in the flock.

The other birds laugh at him and tell him that the only reason for flying is to collect food and take it back to the flock. Yet, Jonathan knew there had to be more to flying than just collecting food and living a mundane life.

Johnathan Livingston Seagull has a need to fly faster than the other gulls and to soar up high in the sky. It is this desire that gets him into a lot of trouble. he wants to be and lets his spirit soar instead of He was because he knew there was more to flying than doing what all the other birds did.

Jonathan thrives on the feeling of soaring and so he is unwilling to give it up, though he pays a price for being different and wanting more from flight than the other birds.

All through this story, the author captures the feelings many of us have when we try to soar in life. We want something more than going through each day making a living and being like others. We want to soar as much as Jonathan Livingston Seagull wants to soar. Once the spirt learns to soar and go where few others dare to go, it is difficult to go back to doing what every one else does.

The author arouses our own desire to soar like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. As we read the story, we identify with how it feels to let our spirits soar and go where few others dare to go. The book is about daring to be different than the others in the flock and being willing to crash as often as it takes to succeed.

It is true that no feeling can match that of a soaring spirit and pursuing dreams. However, without developing character and integrety along the way to success, it will feel meaningless if our souls are empty of friendships and people who care about us. I learned these things from an organization called International Leadership Develpment Global (ILD Global). I want you learn to succeed in life and business as well, by developing internal values and character. In this way, you will develop lasting friendships that give meaning and purpose to your life.

If you are looking for someone to mentor you and to be a coach, complete an application by clicking on this link. This story relates to us as well because it is about being different  and being who we feel we need to be.he wants to be and lets his spirit soar instead of living a mundane life.

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