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Success Comes When You Believe You Can

Whenever you think you just can’t do something because of your handicap or shortcomings, remember this young woman who plays with no fingers.  Her accomplishment should be inspirational and give you courage to do what others say is the impossible. It is only impossible if you believe it is impossible.


Character Counts

CHARACTER COUNTS! Official Page You may be able to change your life by changing the way you look, a surer way is to change the way you see. – Michael Josehson (derived from observation by unkown author) CHARACTER COUNTS! Official Page Repost: MOMS ONLY: If you haven’t seen this you must. I promise you’ll like […]

Law of Attraction Minute- 3 words that can change your life

The Law of Attraction means you attract what you want to you. There are specific things you can do that allows this law to work for you.

There is also the Law of Repelling what you want from you. This means the things you want go away from you because you do not understand the Law of Attraction.

These Laws are real and will work for you or against you if you do not understand them and how to apply them in your life. In other words, if you are desperate or intense in what you do, if you are overly passionate or overwhelming to people you talk to, you will make people turn away from you.

Out of Darkness Into Light

“Out of the Darkness, into the Light”. These short seven words explain unmistakably the effects of healing the wounds of PTSD. While reading my daily inspirational “quotes”, I came across this one. We see and hear it often in religious sermons. For the many whose lives have been relentlessly challenged by life’s experiences and survived only by the grace of a higher power or some special intervention, we have an intimate understanding of going from darkness to light.

Today Is a New Day

YESTERDAY is gone and TOMORROW has not come, so what we have is TODAY. Sure, YESTERDAY was good and has given us some fond memories, yet we believe that TOMORROW will be even better. The plans we’ve made TODAY will improve the quality of our lives and provide more prosperity in the future!

Who Am I?

I am a person who is dissatisfied with the way my life is going. I am a person who is ready for the truth from someone willing to tell me what I need to know so I can be happier and feel more secure. I am an American; I am a Canadian; I am a German; I am a Mexican; I am any person of any nationality and walk of life who is in search of something different. I am you, I am your spouse or your children. I am the one who is seriously wanting a change my mundane life and make it be something wonderful and thrilling. Mundane is not how anyone would describe my sites and or my enthusiasm about what I love to do.

You Can Create What You Want

We all have the ability to create something beautiful and worthwhile when we have a desire to do so. A disability is not a reason to think we cannot have what we have the desire to create.

Haven’t we seen people with a disability learn to paint with their teeth or toes? Haven’t we seen people walk who have no feet or legs? Haven’t seen people play the piano who have disabilities? Have we not seen miracles because people did what seemed impossible because they would not accept that they could not?