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Character Counts

CHARACTER COUNTS! Official Page You may be able to change your life by changing the way you look, a surer way is to change the way you see. – Michael Josehson (derived from observation by unkown author) CHARACTER COUNTS! Official Page Repost: MOMS ONLY: If you haven’t seen this you must. I promise you’ll like […]

Teach Character To Our Youth

Character is a quality many have lost these days. It’s rarely taught in school, and adults don’t do a good job of teaching or exemplifying it in their own dealings. How will children learn the importance of having character if they don’t see it, know what it is, or feel it is important. What will the future bring when our children grow up to be leaders of our nation and in our communities? This video is a good example of what is being done to teach this value to high school students. You may find it beneficial to show the video to your own family members.